Consider this when configuring and customizing insurance technology

What’s driving the need for customization and configurability in the insurance technology space? As a philosopher once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” And this is certainly true of the insurance industry. Mix a dash of market forces, a cup of product launches, a sprinkling of new countries, a handful of fresh business lines […]

What does your business need to consider when adopting SaaS?

Of all public cloud services, Software as a Service — or SaaS — is the offering with the biggest potential. It truly is IT-as-a-utility, like water from the tap or power from a socket. SaaS applications provide end users with standardized functionality. They don’t require any involvement of the IT department. And every so often new features are […]

How to develop and deliver next-gen applications

Modern digital applications CSC Blogs Journey to the Digital Enterprise

By enabling the creation of new services and unlocking data from older software, modern applications can release your organization’s full value. But how do you get started? One of the fastest, most efficient ways to develop and deliver next-gen applications is to select a project that’s both small and likely to have a noticeable effect […]

Modern applications: Leverage what you have, build what you need

If you’re in the midst of implementing a digital transformation for your business (“de rigueur” this year, along with outsourcing selfies to your personal drone), it’s likely you’ll be spending a fair amount of time thinking about what to do with the IT applications. Much has been made of modernizing the legacy applications to enable […]

Using digital tools to help customers become smart travelers

I think we can all agree that air travel is an amazing thing. In today’s world, we can go from Toronto to Hong Kong, from Dallas to Doha, from Johannesburg to Atlanta, Georgia in less than a day’s time – simply by boarding one comfortable, modern airplane. That’s truly amazing, right? But when considering the […]