Le changement s’accélère : que faire pour suivre le rythme ?


Il semble bien que chaque aspect de la vie soit constamment réinventé, révisé, mis à jour et amélioré, que ce soit à la maison ou au travail. Le rythme du changement s’accélère-t-il à un point que votre entreprise ne peut plus suivre ? Il existe pourtant de nombreux moyens pour maintenir le statu quo. Pour […]

El cambio se está acelerando, ¡pero hay una forma de estar al día!

¿El ritmo del cambio se está acelerando hasta un punto que tu empresa no puede seguir? Sin duda, parece que todos los aspectos de la vida en el hogar y en el trabajo se reinventan, revisan, actualizan y mejoran constantemente. Sólo para mantener el status quo, debes estar atento a las cambiantes demandas de los […]

Change is accelerating. Tap this hidden resource to keep up


Is the pace of change accelerating to a point that your company can’t match? Surely, it seems like every aspect of life at home and at work is constantly being reinvented, revised, updated and improved. Just to maintain the status quo, you need to stay attuned to shifting customer demands, explore and adopt emerging technologies […]

Developing the 7 digital habits: My journey

I’ve recently been challenged by a blog post that one of my colleagues at the Leading Edge Forum (LEF) posted entitled The 7 Digital Habits of Highly Effective People. This is, of course, a play on the well-known Steve Covey book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and based on the LEF’s 21st Century Human […]

Why James Bond speaks to the IT crowd

James Bond plays a starring role in some of my best childhood memories, as I’m sure he does for many of you in IT. The character and the films are indeed an important part of IT culture. I remember watching the movies with the family on Sunday afternoons, after the Grand Prix; reading the books; playing the […]