Smart cities need smart citizens – and that starts with education

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As we start to catch glimpses of the city of tomorrow – one brought to life by the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile applications, ubiquitous connectivity and other digital technologies – it’s becoming clear that the citizens of tomorrow will also need to adapt. Smart cities need smart citizens to thrive – and in a […]

Smart city : Comment faire participer les citoyens à la réduction de la fracture numérique

Ville intelligente (smart city) ou ville traditionnelle, peu importe. Les changements dans les communes ont toujours été conduits par un même acteur : les citoyens. Après tout, en matière de modernisation les élus ne peuvent pas agir seuls dans leur coin. Ils ont besoin d’une communauté citoyenne qui les soutient afin de transformer les projets en […]

Ciudades inteligentes, ¿cómo atraer a sus habitantes y reducir la brecha digital?

Inteligentes o no, las ciudades siempre han dependido de su gente, a la hora de introducir cambios. Funcionarios y políticos no pueden actuar solos. Necesitan una ciudadanía comprometida, educada, y que apoye la generación de nuevas ideas. Así que, cuando los funcionarios de una Smart City del futuro implementen nuevas herramientas y tecnologías, con el […]

Why digital inclusion matters to business

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At CSC, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use and benefit from technology, which is why we make sure that our products and services are as inclusive and accessible as possible. That means designing them to be easy to use, enabling people to personalize their devices to meet a wide range of […]

How smart cities can engage citizens and bridge the Digital Divide

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Smart or not, cities have always relied on their people to drive change. Elected officials, after all, cannot act alone. They need an engaged, educated and supportive citizenry to bring new ideas to life. So when forward-looking Smart City officials implement new tools and technologies with the goal of easing everyday obstacles, solving the logistics […]