From R&D to health outcomes: Why a connected life sciences platform matters

by Sharad Khusal The life sciences business model is changing. In the past, companies typically worked with fewer partners, most often collaborating only with the physician, or indirectly, with patients. That later expanded to liaising with academia and the contract research organizations (CROs) directly affiliated with them. Today, those walls have come down and pharmaceutical […]

Hacia un ecosistema de salud conectado: La interrelación con el paciente digital

La digitalización en sectores como el de los seguros, las telecomunicaciones y la banca han cambiado completamente la manera en la que los ciudadanos consumen servicios, así como sus expectativas: esperan servicios integrados, atención ininterrumpida (24×7), personalizada, y que responda a sus preferencias de manera inmediata por diversos canales. La digitalización de los servicios de […]

Making all-in-one-day precision medicine a reality with federated view of datasets

By Pritam Potnis The push toward personalized and precision medicine has led to some exciting breakthroughs for cancer patients. It’s now widely understood that treatment effectiveness and the cancer signature can vary widely, even among people with the same type of cancer. The objective of the latest innovations is to help patients receive a personalized […]

Data, algorithms and technology: Saving lives in the ICU

By Pritam Potnis Next-generation healthcare device innovations are providing hospitals with better, more detailed insights that, with the right overview and analytics capabilities, have the potential to save more lives, manage population health in and beyond the hospital, and reduce costs. An example of this type of innovation is research at a noted hospital network […]