Getting the experts’ perspectives on healthcare in 2020

By George Mathew, MD As we begin a new decade, let’s take a moment to consider where priorities will – and should – lie in the years to come. One of the biggest themes of the past few years has been patient-centered care. This will continue to grow and expand as healthcare organizations, providers and […]

Will digital connectivity and smart homes become a social determinant of health?

by George Mathew, MD There’s a lot of talk about digital connectivity and its role in healthcare. Patient engagement platforms, for example, are designed to encourage consumers to use devices to track their health and participate in their own care to improve outcomes. And smart homes could help patients with disabilities or illnesses manage more […]

How will healthcare data deliver on its promise?

by Jonas Knudsen One morning in August 2012, I entered my office in the hospital and turned on my PC. As a university hospital chief information officer (CIO) responsible for all mental health hospitals in the region of Southern Denmark, I was tasked with not only keeping the lights green on our digital infrastructure, but […]

How digital health benefits patients and communities


The shift from legacy IT to digital technologies across social, mobile, analytics, and cloud — and beyond — promises to continue catalyzing new business models and disruptive ideas. As it transforms industries, digital innovation also has the power to generate social goods on a global scale. Some of the clearest of these human benefits now […]

From sports broadcasting to the hospital: Augmented reality made real

By Pritam Potnis The world of augmented reality, which is best known for changing the face of sports TV viewing and Pokémon GO, is dipping its toes into the world of healthcare. And, in the hospital, the potential for changing the bedside interaction between the care team and the patient is profound. Here’s a typical […]

Constructing a continuum of trust in healthcare IT

Having spent the last 5 months firmly entrenched in the healthcare technology marketing sector, I’ve learned how important the word “continuum” is to patient care. Most often, it’s used in the context of “continuum of care,” referring to a seamless patient experience, regardless of where care is being dispensed. But that continuum of care can only work if […]

5 Reasons Why an Immediate Obamacare Repeal May Not Be in the Cards

As we are still reacting to the results of the U.S. presidential election, those of us in healthcare, including myself, are asking themselves THE question: What’s going to happen now to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare? Here are my thoughts on what might happen next. By Boris Rachev, Global Health Economist, […]

Healthcare 3.0: The target state

healthcare 3.0

In my conversations with healthcare organization CIOs and leaders in the US and indeed across the globe, I have often been asked, “What should be the desired target state of digitized healthcare? How does DXC envision the road to digitized, paperless healthcare delivery?” They are talking about healthcare delivery in which a patient’s access to care […]

Healthcare 3.0: The benefits of an open digital health platform

You may have noticed the plethora of blogs and articles recently on the concept of “digital platform.” Setting aside semantics and current hype, I believe this architecture paradigm is very well suited for the health industry. Most health delivery organisations, such as hospitals, typically have a disparate and aging technology landscape. The political climate, failure of large health […]