Salud conectada: ¿por qué es tan importante la movilidad para el médico?

Los expertos en tecnología a menudo hablan de los beneficios de la movilidad en la atención médica, pero para comprender por qué resulta tan importante y cómo se puede mejorar el servicio sanitario prestado a los pacientes, es vital conocer su punto de vista. Como médico, mi visión de la movilidad está influenciada por mis […]

Connected healthcare: Why mobility matters to the clinician

Doctor Using Cell Phone in Hallway

by Dr. Shainal Nathoo Technology experts will often talk about the benefits of mobility in healthcare, but to understand why mobility matters and how it might improve both workflow and clinical benefits for patients, it’s vital to get a user’s perspective. As a clinician, my view of mobility is influenced by my own experiences in […]

Cómo afecta la diferencia cultural a los servicios de salud

La asistencia sanitaria es complicada y el cuidado de la salud en diferentes entornos culturales, aún más. Los proveedores de tecnología sanitaria viven obsesionados por las economías de escala que afectan a la prestación de sus servicios: ¿cuántos de sus servicios resistirán su expansión a mercados internacionales? Está de más señalar que cuanto mayor es […]

‘Dr. Google’ and the emergence of cybercondria


Dr. Google has the largest practice ever known to humankind and he doesn’t even have a waiting room where you get a clipboard with a paper patient inventory form. In B2B marketing we find that a disproportionate number of prospects make their decisions as a result of a search before they ever talk to a […]

Pida asistencia vía Ally, el asistente de voz hospitalario de DXC Technology

Los asistentes de voz están llegando a los hospitales. En otros ámbitos, tenemos ejemplos como Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home y otras, alternativas que ya ofrecen una solución simple, intuitiva, multiusuario y que se adapta, siempre que dispongan de acceso y disponibilidad. Siguiendo esta línea, en DXC Labs hemos creado Ally, el asistente de cabecera […]

The problem with clicks, keystrokes and screenviews in healthcare


When I recently conducted a focus group comprised of senior healthcare technology practitioners I must admit I was taken aback by what these graduates from prestigious medical and technology universities felt was one of their top concerns. Clicks ! Yes, Clicks ! As the videos of the session would confirm, I needed to ask the […]

Tearing down those hospital walls: Electronic Health Records 2.0

Often in my working day I’m challenged to explain and defend technology’s relentless progress in medicine. Many healthcare and life sciences practitioners and managers say they feel threatened by digitalization – it’s complicated and even overwhelming, and there’s just too much at stake. The thinking goes like this: While it’s clear that digital transformation can […]

Constructing a continuum of trust in healthcare IT

Having spent the last 5 months firmly entrenched in the healthcare technology marketing sector, I’ve learned how important the word “continuum” is to patient care. Most often, it’s used in the context of “continuum of care,” referring to a seamless patient experience, regardless of where care is being dispensed. But that continuum of care can only work if […]

The rise of digital healthcare: Enabling an emerging business model through technology

This blog was originally published by Fruition Partners. Since then, Fruition Partners has become the ServiceNow practice within DXC Technology. Overview If you have watched a Science Fiction movie recently, chances are high that you have seen an excellent example of the idealized state of Digital Healthcare: Injured in battle, the hero is brought to […]