Eight keys to digital supply chain success


Supply chains are present everywhere. From the largest global enterprises to our own households, everybody is involved in the supply chain. In the consumer packaged goods industry, we need to think about supply chains in terms of order management, planning, manufacturing, and physical (or software-based) distribution of the product or service – but the key […]

Operational efficiency: A must-have for digital retail

Operations is the one part of your business consumers rarely see. That might be changing. In fact, retailers now need an optimized, innovative and lean approach to operations to meet the requirements of today’s customer-facing business. Operational efficiency is your new must-have, and not just for the cost-savings you’ve yearned to achieve in the past. […]

Secure Life Sciences Supply Chain in an Increasingly Digital World

There are positive signs that healthcare companies are addressing many supply chain pain points, including the thorny issue of security. A UPS survey, “Pain in the (Supply) Chain,” for example, found that in just 1 year, responding healthcare companies have reported a 75% success rate in addressing product security compared with 55% in 2014. By […]