Hybrid digital workforce: The future way of working


There is huge focus in the business process services (BPS) industry on using robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a hybrid digital workforce to drive increases in productivity and add value, but what does this actually mean on the ground? According to published findings, a third of global jobs may be […]

7 dimensions of change in the digital workplace


Upgrade workplace technology: check. Modernize infrastructure: check. Adjust to new workforce: check. Overcome resistance to new ways of working: check. Adjusting to digital transformation’s impact on the workplace and workers is, well, a lot of work. A lot of change. And it’s essential to understand that workplace transformation will only deliver expected business benefits when […]

El trabajo del futuro puede que no tenga lugar físico

La tendencia de disponer de una fuerza de trabajo cada vez más móvil y remota no muestra señales de agotamiento, y los empleados siguen demandando flexibilidad en el lugar y el momento en que cumplen su cometido. Menos de uno de cada tres empleados (32%) – e incluso menos entre los Millennials (27%) – pasaron […]

How digital detachment corrodes workplace culture


We take it for granted now, but digital and mobile technologies have dramatically transformed – and even redefined – the workplace. No longer is it assumed that the vast majority of employees must gather at a physical headquarters or satellite office to do their jobs. Today’s enterprise employees increasingly are able to be productive from […]

Off the beaten path: A digital journey in India

Comms Tower

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a customer event in India. Having not been focused on the domestic market in India for quite some time, not only was I excited at the opportunity to be back where I started my career 23 years ago, but I was also excited at this opportunity to listen […]

Why digital transformation makes sense for every business

It’s time for companies to accept that digital transformation has become both mandatory and inevitable. Going digital won’t turn your business into an instant industry giant, but by embracing the digital revolution, business leaders can create new ways of connecting their people, data and processes to create value for customers. It’s a continuous cycle of […]

Chatbots will pay off for enterprises (but not so much for workers)

As artificial intelligence and automation extend deeper into the enterprise, many employees worry they eventually will be replaced by a machine/computer/robot/program worker that is more efficient, doesn’t take breaks or call in sick — and never goofs off on Instagram. For these people, I have bad news: Chatbot makers are sucking up venture capital dollars. Business Insider (BI) […]