Driving adoption to maximise your digital workplace benefits

In part one of this series, I talked about defining successful digital workplace adoption for your organisation and identifying activities and behaviours to measure success. In this article, I am going to cover the overall approach to adoption. One possibility I brought up in my last post was to impose adoption by removing access to old services or banning things […]

How to drive successful end-user adoption in the digital workplace

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Today’s digital workplace provides us with a consumer-like experience that promises better collaboration and increased personal productivity. Some of this comes from allowing personal choice in the devices and (in some cases) applications we use for work, but much of this is enabled by feature-rich product suites such as Office 365. To realise the benefits in collaboration and productivity […]

What matters most to today’s digital workplace? Context

I’ve been reading a lot in recent weeks about the “workplace of the future,” the changes 2017 will bring to the office and how work will vary in the year ahead. It’s interesting stuff, heavy on the impact of automation, artificial intelligence and data-driven decisions. At the crux of it all is an IT system […]

These technologies are transforming the digital workplace

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Gartner Vice President Matt Cain is a futurist who focuses on the intersection of technology, job skills and workforce culture. In a recent Forbes column, Matt lists 10 employee-facing technology trends that are transforming the digital workspace. I’ve written about many of them, including immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, as well as smart […]

The changing Australian workplace

The proliferation of mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks means that the nature of work has changed forever. For many Australian businesses, mobile devices are not just a fact of life; they represent a whole new potential revenue stream. For example, almost 11 million Australians have made an e-commerce transaction and 70 percent of Australians prefer […]

The unsung heroes of the digital workplace

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Over the years, I have interacted many times with Human Resources, People and Culture or whatever the new “in” term is for the extremely talented people who manage the work lives of employees and leaders every day. I’m talking about the ones who liaise and negotiate between managers and workers with grace and poise, able to understand the complexities […]

Co-creation: Perfecting the dance of media creators

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Media workers have long been collaborating across time and space. From towncriers spreading news through medieval towns to telegrams announcing everything from the Wright Brothers’ first flight to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we’ve found ways to share information across long distances. And digital technology makes the task easier than ever. While once media relied […]

Windows 10 journeys: A starter kit

Windows 10 key Paths

In my first post (Windows 10: Mapping your journey), I introduced the idea of  journeys to Windows 10, new journeys that were not an option with previous Windows operating systems. Enterprises thinking about moving to Windows 10 today may be on one of three key paths: Traditional Journey: Upgrading or refreshing to a Windows 10 device with some new […]