La recuperación de desastres como servicio ofrece otra forma de simplificar la TI

La recuperación ante desastres como estrategia de simplificación de TI es posible. Disaster recovery exige un grado de compromiso difícil de sostener. Usted sabe que necesita prepararse para lo inevitable, pero se requiere disciplina para mantener copias de seguridad. También es necesario un presupuesto para mantener un backup estable y al día, por si acaso. […]

Disaster Recovery as a Service offers another way to simplify IT


Disaster recovery as an IT simplification strategy. Really? You bet. Disaster recovery demands a degree of commitment that’s hard to sustain. You know you need to prepare for the inevitable, but it requires discipline to maintain backups. It requires budget to keep a stable of “dark hardware” ready, just in case. And, if something does […]

Cuando la nube se vuelve tormenta

Estaba siendo un verano tranquilo, hasta que comenzó una serie desafortunada de desastres naturales, huracanes y terremotos, que llevó la devastación a algunas regiones del planeta. Desde el punto de vista de la continuidad del negocio y la recuperación de desastres, hay mucho que pensar al respecto. ¿Qué debería hacer un responsable de TI o […]

What to look for when choosing a continuity services partner

All the disasters, both natural and man made, making headlines these days have CEOs stopping to consider a few important questions: If this had happened in my data center or workplace, would we have been prepared? Have I done enough to protect my company? Have I filled the gaps and addressed potential breaches well enough […]

When the cloud meets storm clouds


It was quite a summer, with an unfortunate stretch of natural disasters — both hurricanes and earthquakes – leading to widespread devastation in some regions. From a business continuity and disaster recovery standpoint, there’s a lot to think about it. What’s a CIO or IT manager to do? Well, for starters, don’t put all your […]

FEMA, telecoms rush to fill communications gap in wake of Harvey

Telecom Workers

One of the biggest obstacles to disaster recovery following a devastating storm such as Hurricane Harvey is communications failures. Downed power lines, toppled wireless towers, and flooded communications facilities caused by punishing winds, rain, and flooding make rescue efforts exponentially more difficult and hazardous, frequently leaving residents and disaster response professionals unable to convey vital […]

Pushing the boundaries of success in aerospace and defense


When I first arrived at DXC Technology, I had no comprehension of the size and magnitude of the company and all the different sectors that we had a hand in. With no exposure to many of the sectors, I soon found myself tasked with engrossing myself in the aerospace and defense industry. On the surface, […]

Do you know the impact of disruption to your business — and are you ready for it?

business disruption DXC Blogs

Being underprepared has consequences. Senior executives are frequently shocked by how quickly a problem can turn from a minor nuisance into an event that consumes and defines the company for years to come. This explains why companies engulfed by  crisis often underestimate the final cost by five to ten times. In today’s business environment, it’s not a […]