El futuro de la gestión del riesgo tecnológico: ágil y proactivo

La gestión IT en una empresa siempre ha sido sinónimo de gestión del cambio, y también se relaciona con la gestión del riesgo. Pero la disrupción no ha llegado nunca tan rápido como en la última década. Y no parece que vaya a parar. Es más, el ritmo y el alcance del cambio tecnológico sólo […]

Il futuro della gestione del rischio tecnologico: agile e proattivo


La gestione della tecnologia aziendale è sempre stata sinonimo di gestione del cambiamento, e riguarda anche la gestione dei rischi. Ma il cambiamento non è mai arrivato così veloce come nell’ultimo decennio. E non sembra che stia per fermarsi. Anzi, il ritmo e la portata del cambiamento tecnologico solo si intensificheranno in futuro, al punto […]

Agile et proactive : ce que sera demain la gestion des risques technologiques


La gestion des technologies d’entreprise a toujours été intimement liée à la gestion du changement, et donc à la gestion du risque. Mais jamais les changements n’avaient été aussi rapides, aussi disruptifs que durant cette dernière décennie. Et ce n’est pas près de s’arrêter. En fait, le rythme et la portée du changement technologique s’intensifieront […]

The future of technology risk management: Agile and proactive


Managing enterprise technology always has been synonymous with managing change, which also is about managing risk. But never has change come as fast or as disruptively as over the past decade. And there’s no letup in sight. In fact, the pace and scope of technology change will only intensify in the future, so much so […]

5 principles for riding the digital disruption wave

dolphins diving into waves

Disruptive digital technologies like robotic process automation and artificial intelligence are rapidly growing in maturity. So the pace of digitisation is set to continue accelerating in almost every sector. According to market intelligence provider IDC, 50% of global GDP will be digitised as early as 2021. To thrive in these market conditions, businesses need to […]

Are your digital services leaving behind your oldest customers?


The inexorable rush to digital services – by both government and commercial organisations – is often viewed as a revolution in customer experience. Traditional organisations are embracing ‘progress’ by leveraging their massive legacy databases to improve and personalise customer communications. Not to mention, they’re reducing traditional brick-and-mortar costs by closing branches and making email or […]

Raising and lowering the smart cities bar

As many readers of these blogs know, I’ve spent years griping about the term “digital transformation.” Despite my love for urban transformation, the term “smart cities” has bugged me at times as well. Don’t get me wrong — this has nothing to do with a sincere belief that cities are getting smarter…they clearly are. I […]