DIY your own AI assistant

The options available to consume voice activated assistants are increasing with recent releases into the market. The availability of pre-built, off the shelf Assistants is growing and so is the ability to build your own, using the open sourced versions. Google recently gave away AIY, (Do It Yourself Artificial Intelligence) a maker kit with Voice Hat and […]

A simple recipe for geolocation automation

Following on from my blog about Safeguards and the move towards increased automation, in this post I will demonstrate how easy it is to set up a recipe from IFTTT (If This Then That) to use the location service to send a text to someone when I have left a Geolocation zone. There are other automation tools you […]

10 books I’d recommend to my younger self

In H.G. Wells “The Time Machine”, the Time Traveler comes back from the future to take 3 books from a bookshelf in their study to return to the future. The reader (or viewer of the film) is left guessing which 3 books have been taken from the bookshelf and how they will shape the future. Thinking about […]

A primer on personal AI assistants

There have been many different attempts to create a J.A.R.V.I.S type of AI system to act as a personal assistant, able to interact with you and automate things.  (If you’re not sure what J.A.R.V.I.S is then you need to search on Marvels Iron Man and his AI Assistant). These have been from high profile people like Mark […]

Scratch to Python: Taking your coding to the next level

Following on from my last blog post “How you can begin to Code“, by now you should be getting to grips with a good level of basic coding using games to help you. So where do you go from here? Most of the initial links I listed used a scratch type of game to help you learn, […]

Choosing wisely: STEM subjects

Its easy for the older generations to look at the subjects available at schools that relate to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and understand the value that they hold in the workplace today, however looking through the lens of young person choosing their options, it’s not so easy. How do I know? Well, I […]

Learning to code: Where to start

With all the recent STEM activities I have been involved with and blogged about, I have been asked to write some posts around how someone can start learning to code. The school curriculum covers an element of coding with some subjects, and pupils may be lucky to get a BBC Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi, however […]

Myth-busting the cloud

It feels sometimes that a week doesn’t go by without some new level of “prominence” assigned to myths surrounding how we should now approach “The Cloud”. Invariably, the advice will be biased from, normally, one of two core dimensions – either those whose strategy is simply that full, public cloud consumption is inevitable or those […]

Say ‘hello’ to your new colleague, the Cobot

Robotics have been around for many years, with the idea of robots helping humans being depicted in Science Fiction in early books, comics and films.  Robots have continued evolving with design and use as we have been working with them to carry out various tasks. So what is a cobot? Wikipedia defines Cobots as: A cobot or […]

Science camp and STEM with Scouts

After some months of planning and organisation, this past weekend  (17th to 19th March 2017) I ran a Science Camp for around 50 Scouts at a local Scout camp site. Being a STEM Ambassador is another part of spreading the importance of STEM subjects to young people. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM […]