Ignore the hysteria, Cloud Foundry is just fine


Recently, Rishidot analyst Krishnan Subramanian proclaimed the Cloud Foundry, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud, had met its demise as a standalone platform. Really? That’s news to me, and I cover Cloud Foundry like paint. What got Subramanian so frazzled was Cloud Foundry started offering Docker in place of its own container runtime, Garden. And at the recent […]

Here’s why you should use containers


In just a few years containers have risen from obscurity to become the way we deliver software. But just why are companies making the move? Let’s go over the basics. First and foremost, with containers you can run more application instances on a server than you can with virtual machines (VMs). By their very nature, […]

Docker embraces Kubernetes with Docker Enterprise 2.0


It turns out Docker was serious about adopting Kubernetes. Docker has its own container orchestration program, Docker Swarm mode, but the company saw the wind was blowing towards Kubernetes so it added Kubernetes to its selection of orchestration tools in October 2017. But, there’s adoption and then there’s “Adoption.” With the first you announce you’ll […]

For cloud container orchestration, it’s all Kubernetes, all the time


Well, that was fast. In May 2017, there were three major cloud container orchestration programs: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and Mesosphere. Then, in early October, Mesosphere joined the Kubernetes bandwagon. Would Docker, the company which turned containers into IT’s hottest movement, continue the DevOps battle? Nope. On October 17, Docker announced that it will integrate Kubernetes […]

The rise of container orchestration storage standards


Containers are everywhere and thanks to Docker, CoreOS, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), we have container standards pretty much nailed down. When it comes to container orchestration, we have three major contenders, Docker Swarm, Mesosphere, and Kubernetes, with Kubernetes pulling into the lead. But, when it comes to container orchestration storage standards we […]

DXC Agility Platform now integrated with Docker Swarm

The DXC Agility Platform team has just released a brand new integration (Adapter) to Docker Swarm. Docker Swarm is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. Swarm allows IT administrators and developers to manage a cluster of Docker nodes as a single virtual system. With this new Adapter, the Agility Platform can now orchestrate the deployment of Docker containers via […]

Docker comes to Microsoft Azure

Even now, it sounds unlikely. Docker, the company that took Linux containers mainstream partnering with Microsoft to bring Docker containers to Azure? Really? Really. In June 2016, Docker announced it would bring Docker to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure. The goal was to deploy a standard Docker platform to ensure teams can seamlessly move […]

Windows Server 2016 is both Docker-friendly and cloud-ready

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The leading open-source container technology Docker has come to Windows Server 2016. Would you have ever imagined that Windows Server would support a major open-source infrastructure program? Maybe a leopard can’t change its spots, but when it comes to Linux and open-source software, Microsoft can change its ways. Nowhere does that show more than in Microsoft […]

Docker now includes built-in container orchestration

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Docker, the 800-pound gorilla of container technology, has recently added a new and very important trick to its magic act: Orchestration. For musicians, orchestration means writing music for a particular musical group. For those us in IT, orchestration is the automated installation, coordination and management of complex software systems. We know orchestration best these days […]

Securing the server programs hiding in your Docker containers

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People worry about how secure containers are to outside attackers. That’s a legitimate fear. I think what’s even more of a concern is whether the application within your container is secure, or if it’s really what you think it is. Docker‘s answer to this is Docker Security Scanning. This is an opt-in service for Docker […]