Six ways the patient data explosion is turning healthcare inside-out

A new era of patient-driven healthcare is underway. With unprecedented access to genetic data and the availability of new technology such as implants and wearables, patients are becoming increasingly proactive in their healthcare. The rise of such 21st century digital citizens is driving new and innovative care management and digitization. As digital citizens help usher […]

Banking is changing: Winners, losers and the new ecosystem

Now it is happening – banking is changing. Much more interesting than change, per se, is improvement, and improvement is what we will get in banking of the future and the new ecosystem it will yield. I have written three posts about the back-end-tech, front-end-tech and strengths and weaknesses of current actors. Now we come to […]

Now it’s happening – banking is changing!

Banking change

Banking is changing very fast – a very interesting development into something new. I will post four short posts about this change. The content is derived from many sources: my reading, own experience and insight into banking, reports and discussions with people in the middle of this change. If you are interested, please read, comment and share. […]