Utility computing: Revealing the true cost of IT

Laptops at Meeting

Consider for a moment how you consume utilities such as water or electricity. You turn on a tap or flick a switch and pay for the units you consume. You don’t need to think about where your power or water comes from. It’s just there, waiting for you to use it in unlimited supply, on […]

Is technology making the government more efficient?

Economic theory tells us that technology makes us more efficient and everyone becomes better off. It’s a win-win! Which begs the obvious question: How are we going to measure it, and does this theory pan out? To answer these questions for the public sector space, I’ll start by looking at legislative measures. As the pace of the […]

The confounding variable in banking infrastructures

confounding variable in banking CSC Blogs

Last week, I wrote about the lurking variable in banking as it pertained to efficiency. This week, let’s talk a bit about confounding. Confounding is interesting in that it interacts with both the dependent and independent variable in a manner that could explain away some or all of the correlation between the two variables. In particular, […]