The rise of technology-driven physician burnout


It used to be such a simple life — a small, independent primary care practice (SIP) in the suburbs with a loyal patient following and the flexibility that comes with running one’s own business. Plenty of time to spend with patients, and needing only the basics for record-keeping and prescribing. Then things started to change. […]

How trust drives social determinant data analytics


Navigating social factors well beyond the healthcare provider’s control have always been key to providing quality care. With the shift to value-based care driven by population health and precision medicine, the ability to factor in social determinants has become more important than ever.  Fortunately, technology has made analyzing that kind of information much easier. Unfortunately, […]

How APIs will stitch together healthcare


If you want to see healthcare technology executives’ eyes roll back in their heads, start a discussion on interoperability. Most consider it the epitome of hype curve terms which almost immediately positions the deliverer as out of touch with the needs of the modern healthcare IT buyer. Don’t get me wrong. Do healthcare payers and […]

Putting patients at the center of the delivery model: Electronic Health Records 2.0

By Bodo Ebens Imagine a technology solution that allows all healthcare stakeholders to collaborate, all clinical data to be gathered and shared at the point of care (POC), and all medical services to be delivered anywhere, aligned with evidence-based care programs and strategic business goals. How does this compare with your current situation? According to […]

Tearing down those hospital walls: Electronic Health Records 2.0

Often in my working day I’m challenged to explain and defend technology’s relentless progress in medicine. Many healthcare and life sciences practitioners and managers say they feel threatened by digitalization – it’s complicated and even overwhelming, and there’s just too much at stake. The thinking goes like this: While it’s clear that digital transformation can […]

Putting knowledge in the hands of clinicians through MIG integration

By Simon Jackson, Lead Technical Architect, Lorenzo Desktop Integration There has been a push by National Health services in the United Kingdom and players globally, to improve the quality of care patients receive at both a population and individual level. Good quality care depends on access to accurate, up-to-date and complete information about the patients, […]

Is “sharing” really “caring”?

The Telegraph recently published an article based on the announcement that high street pharmacies will be given access to NHS medical records in a move that has provoked privacy campaigners. There are arguments both for and against this move, which I have listed below: Con The process: A large part of the argument against this […]

Revitalizing Australia’s eHealth Futures

The Australian government made a long-awaited announcement today to reinvest in the country’s previously stalled eHealth reform agenda. The recently appointed Minister for Health has embraced a move to shift the current eHealth system to a national opt-out model – which means all Australians will automatically have a summary electronic health record sensibly and intuitively […]

The Personal Data Revolution in Healthcare

By Phil Hemmings, Director, Global Industry Marketing, CSC Healthcare and Life Sciences It’s already happening and the results are even more profound than you can imagine A colleague in the United States sent me this link to an article in the New York Times. It seems to me that it’s something that everyone in healthcare […]

Better to be safe than sorry

The role of clinical safety in transformative healthcare IT Healthcare delivery can be a risky business Progress is a great thing – and progress in healthcare technology is an amazing thing. Throughout the world, technology is used to support healthcare professionals in the treatment of millions of patients. From EPRs and EHRs to medications management to telehealth to appointment […]