Survey: Companies poised to go all-in on digital transformation in 2019


Digital transformation weaves information and automation into the fabric of every interaction an organization has with customers, partners, employees and processes. This requires new tools, communities, and ecosystems built on a technology platform that allows the right information to flow freely and to the right people. For the last few years, many companies have been […]

What matters to digital leaders in healthcare?

Healthcare organizations understand the benefits of a digital approach. Tools such as mobile applications to access patient data on-the-go, telemedicine to provide 24-hour or remote-care delivery, internal and external collaboration software and remote patient monitoring – just to name a few – are pushing the industry toward Healthcare 3.0. And that momentum should just keep […]

Asia-Pacific emerging as digital trailblazer, thanks to mobility

Given the huge number of mobile connections in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – 3.1 billion expected by 2020 — it should probably be no surprise that APAC companies plan to increase their use of mobile technologies in the years to come, more so than enterprises in other regions of the world. That finding came from […]

Bankers view digital technologies as crucial for growth

One of the biggest names in the financial services industry, Mastercard, is in the cloud. The New York-based provider of credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards and commercial and consulting services uses the cloud for several enterprise applications. And it’s far from alone. Financial companies are now actively pursuing digital technologies to drive business efficiencies […]

CIO Insights: Marcus Frantz of OMV Group on the digital transformation

The last year has been challenging for OMV Group, an international integrated oil and gas company based in Vienna, Austria. It’s one of the country’s largest industrial companies, with more than 24,000 employees and operations in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, the North Sea, the Middle East and Africa. The new CEO, Rainer Seele, announced a major new […]

Écartelé entre hier et demain, le CIO schizophrène

Par Romain Sammut, partner IT Advisory, DXC Avec la transformation digitale, la DSI se trouve soudain confrontée à une évolution considérable de ses missions et de son positionnement sans qu’il soit pour autant question pour elle de se départir de son rôle traditionnel de bâtisseur et de garant des fondations technologiques de l’entreprise. « Ce n’est […]

What do ‘digital leaders’ do differently to inspire success?

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Digital transformation is still in its early days in Europe. Many clients in various industries are looking to digitalize their existing business or to enter new business models. Great examples for how fast this topic is progressing can be found in the automotive industry or within manufacturing striving for Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry […]