Putting patients at the center of the delivery model: Electronic Health Records 2.0

By Bodo Ebens Imagine a technology solution that allows all healthcare stakeholders to collaborate, all clinical data to be gathered and shared at the point of care (POC), and all medical services to be delivered anywhere, aligned with evidence-based care programs and strategic business goals. How does this compare with your current situation? According to […]

Revitalizing Australia’s eHealth Futures

The Australian government made a long-awaited announcement today to reinvest in the country’s previously stalled eHealth reform agenda. The recently appointed Minister for Health has embraced a move to shift the current eHealth system to a national opt-out model – which means all Australians will automatically have a summary electronic health record sensibly and intuitively […]

Genomic Googling – A New Type of Personalised Search

By Clive Flashman, Health Industry Strategist, CSC Who should be able to access your most personal details? Nearly a year ago, and with very little publicity given the significance of what it was doing, Google launched Google Genomics. Google Genomics is a cloud-based service, aimed at large hospitals and medical universities. It allows them to […]