How learning helps organizations build an agile workforce


While forward-thinking companies are rapidly investing in their technology resources, they’re doing the same for their human resources. That’s because these organizations know that the workforce of the future isn’t made up solely of robots. Instead, the workforce of the future is an “augmented” one, where humans and AI work together to drive greater efficiency, […]

Changer ou disparaître : 3 aspects clés de la “culture de l’apprentissage dynamique“

Les employés font face à une forte pression pour anticiper ce qu’ils doivent faire tout en s’épanouissant sur leur lieu de travail, d’autant plus que de nombreux emplois, fonctions spécifiques et même des secteurs entiers devraient disparaître avec l’automatisation et l’intelligence artificielle. (lire “For Workers In the Digital Economy, Staying Still is Falling Behind.”) A […]

Cambia o muere: 3 elementos fundamentales en la “nueva cultura formativa”

Los trabajadores están sometidos a una gran presión para adelantarse a lo que exigirán los futuros puestos de trabajo, sobre todo porque muchos de ellos (y sus funciones concretas), e incluso sectores completos, están destinados a desaparecer, según avancen la automatización y la inteligencia artificial. Pero, a menos que las empresas pretendan convertir a todos […]

Change or die: 3 key characteristics of a “vibrant learning culture”


Enterprise employees are under a lot of pressure to anticipate what they need to do to flourish in the workplace of the future, especially since many jobs, specific job functions, and even entire industries are expected to disappear as automation and artificial intelligence become more prevalent. (See “For Workers In the Digital Economy, Staying Still […]