Culture might eat strategy, but UX eats culture


Whether or not Peter Drucker actually said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” as is widely attested, it’s regularly proven to be true. Often, a company’s months-in-the-making strategy for boosting productivity is quietly shelved after a few weeks because it just isn’t working out. Those best laid plans might make complete sense, but when subjected to […]

Finding the right balance between technology and people when pursuing digital transformation


When we talk about the workplace of the future, we tend to focus on the impact of technology — because technology is a massive driver of change. Technology not only impacts how we do our jobs, it can impact where we do our work (think mobile devices and wireless networks). Technology even plays a role […]

Treat your employees as you would your customers


Successful digital enterprises hinge their success on customer-centric strategies. Products, services, and apps must be build from the ground up, with the ground being the needs and expectations of the customer. After all, if you create customer barriers such as confusing website and apps interfaces, lagging connections, or inefficient customer service, people will abandon you […]

Elegir la plataforma de colaboración adecuada ahorra tiempo y dinero


La tecnología digital abre el camino hacia una nueva generación de herramientas de colaboración entre puestos de trabajo que facilita el intercambio de ideas, la coordinación de acciones o el desarrollo de productos, con la intervención de varios empleados.  Pero, con tantas plataformas de colaboración disponibles, ¿cómo elegir las herramientas que sean más eficaces y […]

Choisir le bon logiciel de travail collaboratif : une économie de temps et d’argent


La technologie numérique a permis la création d’une nouvelle génération d’outils de collaboration dans le monde de l’entreprise qui permettent aux employés de mettre leurs idées en commun, de coordonner leurs activités et de développer conjointement des produits. Mais quand l’offre en matière de logiciels de travail collaboratif est si grande, comment les dirigeants d’entreprise […]

Choosing the right collaboration platform saves money and time

Digital technology has enabled a new generation of workplace collaboration tools that allow employees to brainstorm, coordinate activities and jointly develop products. But with so many collaboration platforms available, how do enterprise leaders choose the tools that will be most effective — and most widely adopted? It’s a genuine dilemma, as any enterprise employee who has […]

Travel industry is missing the boat on mobile apps for employees

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If any industry is “mobile,” it’s the travel industry. But according to Glenn Gruber, a contributor to travel industry news website Tnooz, many tourism and hospitality enterprises are barely scratching the surface of what mobile can do to help their businesses. The problem, Gruber explains, is that these companies have focused primarily on one side of […]