WiFi en lugares públicos: piénsalo dos veces y utiliza el cifrado

¿Te paras a pensar antes de unirte a una red inalámbrica, o la conveniencia de la conexión WiFi gratuita en la calle, en la cafetería o en el autobús, es demasiado tentadora? Es posible que no te des cuenta, pero la persona que maneja ese punto de acceso puede ver todos los datos que pasan […]

Wi-Fi in public places: Think twice and use encryption

Do you stop to think before joining a wireless network or is the convenience of free Wi-Fi in the street, at the café or on the bus just too tempting? You may not realize it, but the person running that wireless access point has the ability to see all of the data going through it. […]

BitLocker in modern device management: Automating recovery key escrow

Security is a top priority in all enterprise IT teams. One important security requirement enterprises look to address is the protection of corporate data at rest on devices, and thus provide data protection in the event of a device being lost or stolen. BitLocker Drive Encryption is the Microsoft tool that can satisfy this use […]

Application encryption adoption rising (finally)

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One of the biggest conundrums in security, for me, has always been encryption – or the lack of it being applied in certain areas. After all, we use encryption all of the time for our network connections, in virtual private networks and SSL. And most enterprises do encrypt their important databases. Yet, in other areas, […]