What the Bachelor(ette) taught me about customer engagement

Ok, I admit it. I’m addicted to the Bachelor and Bachelorette series. I’m regularly shamed and ridiculed by friends and family about losing my “man card” every time I talk about it. But I can’t stop watching and I know I’m not alone. The reasons are not what my naysayer friends think. I could care […]

Evolving to the post-digital enterprise

“Digital” is quickly becoming the equivalent of a dial tone in the expectations of customers, governments and enterprises around the world. In fact, even the dial tone is gone on most handheld communications devices. Welcome to the post-digital world. I can already hear the groans from my industry friends and colleagues saying, “We have to call […]

The secret sauce for easier CR reporting

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As anyone working in Corporate Responsibility (CR) will know, the annual CR report rolls around with a regularity that often makes you wonder if there’s something wrong with the calendar. No sooner have you heaved a huge sigh of relief that another report has been successfully delivered than planning for the next one begins. The […]

Plumbing the Internet of Engagements (IoE)

Ok, I’ll be the latest writer to muck around with new twists on the name of one of the latest crazes since The Cloud. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a sugar rush driven by technology vendors targeting government and business. Unlike The Cloud, the general public tend to have a more tangible understanding […]

Breaking the engagement: Is IT just not into me anymore?

Man using a digital tablet in a corridor

I didn’t receive my 24-hour check-in reminder email or text from my favorite airline yesterday.  I must admit I became a bit anxious about the apparent oversight.  Was there a problem with my reservation? Had I been bumped? Would my preferred seating still be available? How could they forget ME??!! I felt like my mother […]