Understanding the Windows 10 feature release model

As we move to Windows 10 as an industry, we are adjusting to a change in the way Windows gets new features (akin to the old service packs or version updates). Instead of getting a major operating system update every 2 to 3 years, enterprises will now have a choice about how quickly and frequently users get new Windows features. […]

Spring cleaning the Apple App Store

Workplace apps testing

Who actually enjoys spring cleaning? (Actually, I’m a weirdo and I do in fact enjoy it, but that’s another story.) I guess Apple is somewhat like me in that respect. As I’m sure you heard a few weeks ago, Apple announced that it would clean up its App Store by removing old, outdated and “non-compliant” apps […]

Mobile security: What you need to know (and do)

Mobility and enterprise security CSC Blogs

The continued proliferation of mobile devices and applications creates perpetual targets for cybercriminals who are experts at exploiting technological and human vulnerabilities. For enterprise IT professionals, the threats posed by mobile technology and users can seem endless and overwhelming. To compete in the digital economy, however, enterprises must provide employees with the tools they need […]

Managing the complexity of digital transformations

Digital transformation CSC Blogs

Looking back to many discussions about Digital Strategy with different organizations, most of them have the challenge of going through a balancing act day by day. Firstly, a Digital Oriented Organization needs to accept that the roles and responsibilities of business and IT will merge with each other, whilst both parties need to enable business […]