The tech talent shortage: Real, vastly overblown, or an outright lie? (You tell us!)


The common wisdom in the tech industry in recent years is that there’s a shortage of qualified tech talent, making it difficult for enterprises to hire, attract, or even find technology workers with the skills and/or experience necessary to leverage technologies such as mobile, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more. That’s not even […]

How can Application Landscapes be Strategically and Effectively Modernized?

For many companies, their business applications – grouped in so-called application portfolios– represent the backbone of their business activities. Typically, these portfolios are focused on individual business areas such as Sales or Finance and often consist of several dozen individual applications. They are increasingly serving as a significant competitive factor that decides between success and […]

How Does the Digital Community Affect the Car Industry and the Architecture Team?

Currently, there are many discussions with customers about digital strategies, the impact on business strategies and models and the role of enterprise architecture in the process. In these discussions, I keep seeing that the emphasis is mostly on things like mobile strategy, apps and digital platforms. Of course, these are all important issues that you […]