To improve meetings, don’t just use collaboration technologies – integrate them

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Are your meetings like the weather? You know, everyone complains about them, but no one seems to be able to do anything about it. We’ve all endured long, boring meetings that feel endless. And we’ve all struggled through an exhausting, frantic week overfilled with back-to-back meetings. The higher your job title, the more time you […]

Workplace collaboration advice for introverts

You walk into a restaurant on your own and see that there are two choices for where to sit. To your left there’s a bar with a few people sitting around talking, the barman looks chatty and you recognize one of the group as an acquaintance. To your right there’s an alcove with a table […]

A successful digital collaboration transformation starts with your users


An increasingly globalized workforce, the consumerization of IT and ongoing cost pressures have forced business leaders to reimagine how employees work, communicate and collaborate. Digital collaboration addresses these challenges, making it possible for employees, partners and customers to interact across the workplace and eliminate islands of disconnected systems and tools. Enterprises are embracing the move to […]

Productivity and collaboration require the right workplace environments

A growing number of technologies allow enterprise employees to work in ways that seemed inconceivable 10 years ago. Cloud computing, wireless, mobile and other technologies now enable a home-based developer in Europe to collaborate with development teammates at headquarters in the U.S., or a traveling EVP of sales to meet remotely with the marketing team to strategize […]

Video conferencing helps the enterprise — and your career

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Digital collaboration platforms are flourishing as enterprise demand increases for productivity tools that enable team members in different locations to discuss ideas and strategies. A new report from Global Market Insights projects the collaboration software market will see a 13% average compound annual growth rate from 2016 to 2024. Collaboration tools include unified communications platforms […]

Is Workplace the right collaboration tool for your enterprise?

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Thanks to digital technology and changing work cultures, more and more enterprise employees are able to work wherever and whenever they want. At the same time — and as a byproduct of the trend toward location independence — enterprise workers have a greater desire and/or need for tools that allow them to collaborate with colleagues. From […]