How to build (and execute) a real data strategy

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When I think of strategy, I imagine playing a game of chess, coming up with patterns that put me in a better position to win: “If I can get my knight and queen connected in the center of the board, I can force my opponent’s king into a trap in the corner.” But when I […]

Application encryption adoption rising (finally)

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One of the biggest conundrums in security, for me, has always been encryption – or the lack of it being applied in certain areas. After all, we use encryption all of the time for our network connections, in virtual private networks and SSL. And most enterprises do encrypt their important databases. Yet, in other areas, […]

Without a good ‘story,’ data is just a bunch of numbers

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While data pros may love to geek out on numbers, enterprise decision makers and employees mostly just want to know what it all means. A good story can help them extract information that will help the business. Over at, contributor Valeh Nazemoff has compiled six tips “for effective data storytelling” from U.S. Navy IT experts. […]

Determining the value of enterprise data

Volumes have been written about the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) of enterprise data deployments. Virtually every vendor has an analytical tool or calculator that spits out attractive PowerPoint charts about how much savings or efficiency a data initiative will bring to a company. But I’m constantly shocked, in my dealings with corporate leadership, […]