Four ways security teams sabotage their own efforts


There are many reasons why enterprise security teams struggle to succeed in better managing the risks positioned against their data and business-technology systems. Sometimes these obstacles come from elsewhere within the organization, and sometimes they are self-created. At times it’s a lack of serious executive leadership and understanding behind internal cybersecurity efforts. The security program […]

How enterprise IT can achieve mobile first

Group of young friends using smartphone with mutual disinterest towards each other

We have come to understand “mobile first” as a way to prioritise mobile device design over desktop design. However, what an effective “mobile first” design strategy should really do is equalise the user experience (UX) — allowing mobile devices to be as useful as desktops (especially in the conversion of sales). So, what does “mobile […]

Align, optimise, transform: Realise the value of TBM

Man running through Shenzhen airport Shenzhen China

Implemented effectively, with insight and deep understanding, Technology Business Management (TBM) is a powerful means for the CIO to change the perception of IT from serving the business to growing the business. Although TBM is becoming widely accepted as a more effective way to run IT – and the tools make inefficiencies patently clear to […]

What is Lean IT? – A new focus on old ways

“Lean” can be a scary word… It can represent headcount reductions, offshoring, overturning established work practices, or cutting corners – all of which will inevitably be meet with resistance. But it’s not about going hungry; and these fears must be quashed so the benefits of Lean IT can be realised. Our teams are increasingly asked […]

La conectividad puede poner barreras a IoT

Casi todas las grandes empresas confían en que sus iniciativas actuales y futuras de Internet de Cosas (IoT, por sus siglas en inglés) den fruto, en los próximos años, como refleja una reciente encuesta de la firma Vanson Bourne. Los resultados de la consultora indican que el 97% de los encuestados “están logrando o esperan […]

Is healthcare IT causing a clinician burnout epidemic?


It used to be so easy as a Marcus Welby-era general practitioner or nurse when the most sophisticated technology was the blood pressure cuff. Record keeping was a matter of manila folders with cryptic paper notes and prescription records filed in giant buff-colored cabinets. There was a library of patient x-ray records with a lightbox […]

The CIO becomes CEO of your technology business

Technology Business Management TBM

The concept of running the enterprise IT office (ITO) as a business-within-a-business is not new. Back in the 1990s, several large organisations hived off their IT departments altogether as separate new entities: think Melbourne Water (MITS, since acquired by Logica) and Amcor (Ferntree). Various state governments have tried to centralise the ICT function across agencies […]

The digital workplace: Making the magic happen

Globalization and the growth of the “outside-in” digital enterprise have thoroughly disrupted the workplace. The company-employee equation has changed dramatically, with the “task” becoming the primary focus. Collaboration happens intuitively and digitally across boundaries. As workers exercise more independence, taking jobs they’re truly interested in, businesses reduce traditional benefits and brick-and-mortar office space to free […]

¿Incluso peor que ransomware? ¡Esto es genial!

Si usted o su empresa han sido víctimas del ataque de ransomware que sacudió el mundo digital hace unos días, es posible que haya visto un mensaje en su dispositivo que le informaba de que sus datos serán desbloqueados después de pagar un rescate de 300 dólares en bitcoins. Los expertos creyeron inicialmente que “este […]

Les smartphones au travail : une décennie de productivité (et beaucoup de textos personnels)

Il y a dix ans, le 29 juin 2008, Apple a lancé le premier iPhone. Cette démarche audacieuse visant à prendre la place de marques déjà établies sur le marché de la consommation mobile, telles que Nokia et Research in Motion, le fabriquant de BlackBerry, déclencha aussitôt un mouvement nommé « consumérisation », et eut un immense […]