Report: Productivity boost proves catalyst for BYOD management

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In Chris Nerney’s post from about a year ago, “BYOD workers don’t care about security, but IT still has to,” a survey of over 11,500 workers in about 24 countries found that 31% of them had lost enterprise data through the use or misuse of a mobile device. That’s quite the risk enterprises are up against. […]

Beyond apps: The future of mobile

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The changing expectations of consumers will drive enterprises to go beyond their focus on mobile apps to a more comprehensive, holistic approach, according to a new Forrester Research report. Released on Monday, “The Future of Mobile: From App Silos to Open Ecosystems“ urges enterprises to revamp their mobile strategies to be even more consumer-oriented, reports InformationWeek […]

Track these 3 metrics to stay on top of your mobile initiative

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Once a mobility program is launched and the benefits begin to be clear, it’s easy for enterprise IT professionals to slip into maintenance mode, satisfied that the network is relatively stable, that apps are being deployed and that their mobile efforts appear to be paying off. This kind of complacency can be damaging and even dangerous. […]

“Pour le mobile, 2015 aura été l’année de sortie de l’adolescence !”

2015 aura été une année de forts bouleversements des organisations au plan digital. Et dans tous les cas, le mobile est au cœur du phénomène ! Au travers des usages et de la valeur créée, plus que de la technologie elle-même. Et l’IoT pourrait bien s’inspirer de cette tendance de fond. Entretien avec Benjamin Amsaleg qui […]

How workers around the world do more with mobile

(Editor’s note: This blog originally published on  April 28, 2015. Over the next weeks, CSC Blogs will be highlighting top content from the past year.)   Smartphones and tablets are changing how and where people do their jobs. Anyone who uses a mobile device for work knows this. Tom Kaneshige of put together a slideshow exploring how people in a half-dozen […]

Consumer survey: Smartphones are on the way out. What’s next?

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Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) currently own a smartphone, according to a Pew Research Center study released in April 2015. That’s nearly double the ownership rate of 35% just four years earlier. Globally, research firm eMarketer has predicted there will be more than 2.5 billion smartphone owners by 2018, up from 1.3 billion in 2013. […]

Blaise Pascal was an enterprise mobility visionary

There are times when I feel like an “elder statesman” in the world of enterprise mobility.  I’m not suggesting by any means that I have gained Zen levels of wisdom, but I have been in this space for about ten years.  That experience has afforded me the opportunity to witness many changes in the space…and […]

6 ways your end users sabotage mobile security

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Your employees, partners, and others who use your data should be good stewards of their mobile devices, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Here are six ways end users often sabotage mobile security. They ignore basic mobile security hygiene When it comes to end user security concerns, most employees and executives don’t seem very concerned about the […]

Lessons from 4 enterprise mobile success stories

Enterprises are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology to drive their businesses. But not all mobile initiatives are successful. Some flounder due to lack of a coherent mobile strategy. Others fail because employees were given the wrong mobile tools or because IT failed to provide effective support and security. Those mobile initiatives that succeed, on […]

Ushering in Mobile 3.0

Although mobility has been around for roughly a decade, it’s time for organizations to embrace Mobile 3.0. Mobile 1.0 was all about mobilizing traditional websites, and Mobile 2.0 focused on building native apps to simplify mobile use. The latest evolution introduces a convergence with big data analytics and social to create a much larger, seamless […]