Does Intune’s new Azure Portal meet enterprise device management reporting needs?


In a previous blog we looked at several key considerations about how enterprise mobility reporting can ensure that devices are compliant, secure and functional. We posed many questions without really giving answers. In this blog we will look at the answers provided by the Azure Portal interfacing Microsoft EMS, aka Intune. The bottom line is […]

How enterprise IT can achieve mobile first

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We have come to understand “mobile first” as a way to prioritise mobile device design over desktop design. However, what an effective “mobile first” design strategy should really do is equalise the user experience (UX) — allowing mobile devices to be as useful as desktops (especially in the conversion of sales). So, what does “mobile […]

The key questions and considerations of enterprise mobility reporting

Enterprise reporting for mobility services involves considerably more than knowing the number of devices in use. In fact, a view into a range of details is critical to enterprise security and workplace effectiveness. The ultimate goal of mobile device management (MDM) is safe, secure handling of corporate data by device users, and enterprise reporting for […]

Hey, mobile “early adopters,” level up or lose out!


So your enterprise is part of the mobile revolution. Good work! Most of your employees have mobile devices that allow them to check their email, messages, or calendar from anywhere and at any time. At least that’s how you think employees are using their mobile devices; the truth is, you really don’t have any visibility […]

Cuando tu asistente personal es un espía

No pasará mucho tiempo antes de que muchas o incluso la mayoría de nuestras actividades diarias, dentro y fuera del trabajo, se lleven a cabo con la ayuda de asistentes digitales personales (PDA) como Alexa, Cortana, Google o Siri. Desde la comprobación de las citas diarias hasta el envío de mensajes, o la captura de […]

Google Glass está de vuelta y no está tan mal

¿Es ésta la noticia del verano que nos sacará del estancamiento? ¿Cómo asimilar la expectación que rodea a la nueva aparición de Google Glass? Todos recordamos la risa que nos causó este mismo anuncio en 2013. Pues ahora, los titulares indican que algo ha cambiado y que esta segunda versión será un éxito: “Google Glass […]

Enterprises ignore mobile user research at their own peril

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If there’s one cardinal rule regarding enterprise mobility, it is this: User experience tops all other priorities and metrics. It doesn’t matter how well-designed developers think the mobile app they created is, nor does it matter how enthusiastic the CEO is about a given mobile app. In the end, success or failure of an app […]

Beyond “mobile-first” to “mobile-only”?

Mobile technology is now a top or growing priority for the vast majority of enterprises, a new global survey shows. More than one in four respondents (27%) to Enterprise Mobility Exchange’s (EME) mid-year survey said mobile was the top priority for their enterprises, while 61% called mobile a “growing priority”. “The proliferation of mobile devices […]

Les smartphones au travail : une décennie de productivité (et beaucoup de textos personnels)

Il y a dix ans, le 29 juin 2008, Apple a lancé le premier iPhone. Cette démarche audacieuse visant à prendre la place de marques déjà établies sur le marché de la consommation mobile, telles que Nokia et Research in Motion, le fabriquant de BlackBerry, déclencha aussitôt un mouvement nommé « consumérisation », et eut un immense […]

What happened to the enterprise mobile apps revolution?

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IT professionals have been prepping for years for the mobile apps explosion that promises to transform enterprise productivity. But while demand from enterprise employees reportedly remains high, a new report from research firm Gartner concludes that the “number of enterprise mobile apps is not accelerating.” More than one-quarter of enterprises around the world “have not built, customized […]