How you can use NFV to reinvent your enterprise network


Software-based network devices offer agility, simplicity and security that physical devices can’t match Based on our experience with clients, around 10% of the average IT budget is spent on network technology. As organizations look for ways to optimize their IT environments, that portion of the budget is well worth reviewing—especially when you look at the […]

Man the barricades? The future of the network fortress

zero trust network

In the Middle Ages, technical and economic forces brought to an end centuries of military theory, as city walls became ineffective, irrelevant and even counterproductive. A similar disruption is happening now, but this time inside corporate networks. Enterprise network as the fortress Managing information security for corporate networks has always been difficult. For starters, the […]

The IoT is a lot like BYOD

You can’t turn your attention in any direction today without hearing something about the Internet of Things (IoT). But what does the connecting of cars, lighting systems, thermostats, office HVAC systems and machinery mean – if anything at all – to enterprise security? I think it will mean much more to security than many IT […]