Protect your business by orchestrating and automating security operations

Organizations today face an unprecedented number of security threats, and the risks will only increase as employees, customers and partners embrace new trends and innovations on their road to digital transformation. These changing and growing threats mean that traditional security methods – techniques that defend the enterprise with moats and walls and monitor for things […]

Security lags as IoT moves from prototype to deployment

As IoT moves from prototype and proof-of-concept testing to production in enterprises, companies realize they don’t have a clue how to secure the devices now encroaching on traditional networks. That’s one big takeaway from a report released last week from the research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) 2016. According to IDC’s Global IoT Decision Maker Survey, the market […]

6 keys to enterprise mobile security

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There was a time when mobile devices just didn’t face the same kind of threats from attackers and malware as full-featured operating systems did. Those days are gone. Criminals, spies and whoever wants to access data have to make the transition to exploiting mobile devices because that’s where the users, apps and data reside today. The […]

Enterprise security still overlooking this weak link

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Every year, Web-based attacks are among the most popular attack vector against enterprise data. Of course, the layer of the technology stack where attackers focus their attention changes over time. When viruses and malware were spread by disk, exploitation was primarily aimed at the operating system layers. That changed as systems became connected, and enterprises […]

On spreading malware and mayhem with a USB stick

USB stick security penetration

If you see a USB stick lying on the street, you might be better off just walking by. And if you happen to pick it up, make sure it ends up in the trash compactor. No matter how curious you may be, it’s just not worth the risk of plugging in. This was my takeaway reading articles about […]

Do wearables pose a threat to corporate data?

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The wearable revolution is just beginning to penetrate the enterprise. Smartwatches in particular are common among enterprise employees who want the convenience of syncing their watches to their smartphones, making it easier to see texts and other notifications without having to pull their mobile device from their pockets. Smartwatches seem relatively benign next to smartphones, […]

Application encryption adoption rising (finally)

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One of the biggest conundrums in security, for me, has always been encryption – or the lack of it being applied in certain areas. After all, we use encryption all of the time for our network connections, in virtual private networks and SSL. And most enterprises do encrypt their important databases. Yet, in other areas, […]

For enterprise workers, convenience trumps security

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According to a recent survey, while employees are concerned about data security as well as the security of their own personal data, their attitudes toward security policies belies the very type of data they wish to protect. Not surprisingly, the survey found that 85% of employees would react negatively if they found out that their personal […]

Criminal healthcare data breaches on the rise

For three years running, medical- and healthcare-related breaches have been among the most pronounced type of data breaches and the most rapidly growing. Earlier this year, the Identity Theft Resource Center published its annual breach report, which found that 42.5 percent of the breaches identified in 2014 were in the healthcare industry. That’s an astounding […]

The IoT is a lot like BYOD

You can’t turn your attention in any direction today without hearing something about the Internet of Things (IoT). But what does the connecting of cars, lighting systems, thermostats, office HVAC systems and machinery mean – if anything at all – to enterprise security? I think it will mean much more to security than many IT […]