When your corporate strategist is a machine


Many enterprise leaders are eager to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand and serve customers, to optimize efficiency, and to help with decision-making. But what if AI itself actually sets corporate strategy? It’s an intriguing notion, one which Forbes contributor Daniel Shapiro explores in a recent column. Shapiro goes into great detail about how […]

Don’t use your data as a doorstop


Enterprises have access to more data than ever before, data that can provide valuable information about customers, markets, and business processes. Leveraged effectively, data (both structured and unstructured) can be used by enterprises to drive decision-making. But most organizations fail to use data to inform their strategic decisions or innovation initiatives. A recent poll of […]

Ready for the Internet of Things? Not without a strategy

Internet of Things enterprise strategy CSC Blogs

The Internet of Things is here and will not wait for laggards. An average of 5.5 million new “things” — devices with sensors that can collect, store and transmit digital data — are being connected every day this year alone, according to Gartner. The research firm expects nearly 21 billion things to be connected to the […]