Getting ahead of the quantum computing curve

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In a recent post I promised I would soon give readers expert advice on how to prepare their enterprises for quantum computing, a vow I deeply regret because I can’t even explain quantum computing(!), never mind pretend to be an expert. Fortunately, sensible advice on how to get ready for the quantum computing era (whenever […]

Why email still isn’t going away


Technology and culture pundits have been predicting the demise of email for years. In this article from 2007 titled “The Death of E-Mail,” Slate‘s Chad Lorenz wrote, “You could chalk up the decline of e-mail to kids following the newest tech fads. You’re not cool if you’re not on Facebook or MySpace, and everyone wants […]

¿Estamos esperando demasiado de la IA demasiado pronto?

Haz una búsqueda en Google sobre la frase “cómo la inteligencia artificial se está transformando”. Adelante, esperaré. Estás aquí para saber que incluso antes de presionar el botón “buscar”, Google sugiere que la inteligencia artificial (AI) está transformando: la profesión legal centros de contacto industrias globales la industria financiera Wall Street Una vez que presionas […]

Are we expecting too much of AI too soon?


Do a Google search on the phrase “how artificial intelligence is transforming”. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You’ll notice that even before you hit the “search” button, Google suggests artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming: the legal profession contact centers global industries the financial industry Wall Street Once you do hit “search,” you get 112 million results, […]

Ask Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant

Voice assistants are coming to the hospital bedside. Voice assistants — made popular by Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Home and others — are simple, intuitive, multi-user and best suited where accessibility and availability are essential. Leveraging these advantages, at DXC Labs we have built Ally, DXC Technology’s voice-enabled hospital bedside assistant. Meet Ally The current […]

Intel is getting ready for a post-PC world

Moore’s Law — which states that processing power doubles every two years — has been a guiding principle of computing for decades. But technological progress finally may be outpacing Moore’s Law, and chipmaker Intel wants to be ready. As IDG News Service reports, Intel is spending money developing “technologies to drive computing beyond today’s PCs […]

Can replicating best practices stifle disruptive innovation?

As someone who has spent the better part of his professional life researching, teaching and implementing best practices in a variety of technology-driven global businesses, it is somewhat difficult to find myself writing the headline above. But I had an epiphany of sorts during a recent flight, while reading a synopsis of Charles Landry’s book The […]

Google’s future in the enterprise is cloudy

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Google had a clear message for developers attending its annual I/O conference last week: We are committed to the enterprise. How much that commitment translates into success is another story, and so far the search giant has failed to establish a firm foothold in the enterprise. As Forrester Research VP and principal analyst Jeffrey Hammond […]

Too much big data for you? Focus instead on ‘smart data’

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Last week I wrote about the benefits and disadvantages of “data lakes,” huge repositories of different data types stored in raw form that are easily accessible to employees for analysis. Data lakes provide a method for enterprises to managed their big data in a cost-effective and efficient way. Many enterprises, however, struggle to manage the data flooding their networks […]

Flipping the Sales to Marketing headcount ratio

In 2010, CEB showed that B2B buyers were 56% through the purchase decision when they engaged with a supplier sales/account rep (including incumbent suppliers) for the first time. (56% was a global number; I believe the Australia number was closer to 65%). This research identified the most successful sales profile for a complex sale as the “Challenger.” One key aspect of this profile is that the Challenger operates where buyers are “learning,” getting in much earlier in the purchase decision pathway and having a greater sales impact. Many organisations have embraced the Challenger model. (In fact, I too was an […]