Saying ‘No thanks’ to Microsoft Dynamics support is more expensive than you think. Here’s why.

Microsoft Dynamics support

After you’ve spent big dollars on a major ERP or CRM implementation with Microsoft Dynamics, springing for a post-implementation support contract seems like a lot to ask. But when you consider even just a few of the common issues that arise during a system’s lifecycle, it becomes obvious why DIY support is more expensive and […]

All aboard: Getting staff buy-in for ERP implementation


No matter how advanced and automated our technology becomes, it’s people that drive organisations forward and ultimately, determine long-term success. It’s for this reason that any major digital transformation project should place a high priority on end user adoption if it’s to have any chance of success. An ERP implementation should be viewed as a […]

ERP for manufacturing companies: Where legacy systems fall short


This blog was originally published by UXC Eclipse. Since then, UXC Eclipse has become the DXC Eclipse practice at DXC Technology. Today’s growing manufacturing firms face IT challenges that include increasing costs, evolving business requirements and aging technology. Nowhere are these challenges more apparent than with legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Early ERP adopters […]

Why ERP implementations fail and tips to ensure yours doesn’t

This blog was originally posted by UXC Eclipse. Since then, UXC Eclipse has become DXC Eclipse, a practice within DXC Technology. An effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is essential for any company hoping to be successful into today’s fast-paced and highly competitive environment. While most companies have an ERP system in place, few would […]

6 best practices for a successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation


This blog was originally published by Tribridge. Since then, Tribridge has become the DXC Eclipse practice within DXC Technology. In this fast-paced digital era, the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution will enable your business to connect with, control and capitalize on the data you generate each day. When ERP is implemented correctly, extraordinary benefits can […]