Il futuro degli smartphone potrebbe essere nelle tue mani

L’era degli smartphone ha i giorni contati, a causa della saturazione del mercato e della mancanza di significativi progressi tecnologici avvenuti negli ultimi anni ma è anche dovuto alla necessità dei produttori di evitare la mercificazione, fattore che li ha costretti ad abbattere i prezzi diminuendo drasticamente i margini di profitto. La società di ricerca […]

Adapt or die: The only constant in technology is change


Here’s a list of 10 companies. See if you can guess what they have in common. AOL Yahoo! Geocities MSN Netscape Excite Lycos Microsoft American Greetings Infoseek So how are these companies linked? They were the 10 most-visited web properties in 1998, according to Media Metrix. Now here’s another list of companies, this from Comscore […]

The future of smartphones may be in your mind


The smartphone’s days are numbered, thanks in part to market saturation, lack of any significant technological breakthroughs in recent years, and the need of manufacturers to avoid commoditization, which forces down prices and destroys margins. Technology research firm IDC said in December that it expects worldwide smartphone shipments to decline by 3% in 2018, the […]

What will be the next tech inventions we can’t live without?


Google recently celebrated 20 years of existence. Now, two decades really isn’t a lot of time in the big picture. But the world’s most popular search engine — though it’s not the first internet search engine — now is such a part of our daily lives that its very name has been turned into a […]

How Facebook is fueling the enterprise chatbot revolution


We’re in the early stages of another digital revolution that is changing how consumers interact with brands and conduct transactions. This transformation comes in the form of virtual assistants called chatbots, which use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to interact with users. While the nascent chatbot movement has productive roots in a number of […]

The top traits employees need to succeed in the digital economy

The Wall Street Journal has a great interview with two technology industry experts about what enterprises need to do to find and keep the best employees. Bottom line? Create an environment that instills a sense of pride in workers and encourages entrepreneurial behavior. Let’s flip the question, though: What should enterprises be looking for in the “best” […]

Just the facts: Social media and the rise of fake news

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Did you see or share on social media the map of a mostly blue America claiming to show the electoral college results if only Millennials voted? The one that had Hillary Clinton winning by some 400 votes – and was proven to be completely untrue? What about the call to boycott Pepsi over (false) claims […]

Why you may want to rethink your Internet ad-blocker

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Let’s face it: Ads on the Internet are annoying. Interstitials – those full screen ads that require several seconds of attention before you can get where you really want to go – greet us at nearly every website these days. Then there’s the annoying square ads that cover the text you’re reading, until you locate […]

How important is mobile? Ask Facebook and Google

Many enterprises still grapple with the “value proposition” of mobile. While they believe mobile can benefit the business, they hesitate to make a big commitment because they can’t articulate or even imagine specifics. But if IT and business leaders harbor any doubts about the impact of mobile and its importance as a strategic asset, they merely […]

Facebook: My Personal Assistant. IoT in Social Media

It’s early on a Tuesday, and I’m late for work.  I rush out the door, barely having a minute to eat my breakfast and feed the cat.  As I’m en route to work, late for a meeting, I’m irresponsibly checking my email when I’m stopped at a red light.  And it hits me.  Did I […]