Un invito a ripensare alla catena di valore bancaria

I servizi finanziari si stanno spostando su piattaforme per funzioni e processi aziendali, e questa è una buona notizia. Passare dalle applicazioni a Software as a Service (SaaS) e quindi a Platform as a Service (PaaS) può creare delle nuove catene di valore. Può inoltre ridurre drasticamente il numero di processi manuali soggetti a errori […]

A call to rethink the banking value chain

Financial services is shifting to platforms for business functions and processes, and that’s a good thing. Moving from applications to Software as a Service (SaaS) and then to Platform as a Service (PaaS) can create new value chains. It can also dramatically reduce the number of error-prone manual processes and foster industry collaboration for superior […]

L’emancipazione della donna nel Fintech


Xchanging, una società di DXC Technology, ha una lunga esperienza nella fornitura di servizi nel settore assicurativo, trasformando le operazioni di uno dei più antichi mercati di Londra, in un sistema basato nell’arte del digitale. Così come molti fornitori ITO e BPO e per la natura amministrativa di questi tipi di servizi, le nostre statistiche […]

Les Fintech donnent le pouvoir aux femmes


Xchanging, une société de DXC Technology, détient une longue expérience en matière de prestation de services dans le secteur de l’assurance. L’entreprise transforme notamment la documentation 100% papier de l’un des plus vieux marchés de Londres en une machine à la pointe de la technologie numérique. Quand nous comparons nos données avec celles de la […]

Empowering women in Fintech


Xchanging, a DXC Technology Company, has a long track record of service delivery in the insurance industry, transforming the paper-based operations of one of London’s oldest markets to a state of the art digital technology machine. As with most ITO and BPO providers and the administrative nature of these services, our diversity stats look very […]

The 2017 insurance outlook

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In a Danish newspaper I recently read an article written by a 7th grade boy, Gustav Boenæs. Gustav would like an “online bike helmet.” He asks for “training to ensure that I do not become an Internet victim, and that I do not get behavioral problems on the Net.” The interesting thing is that Gustav […]

Finding success as a woman in FinTech

In this post, we introduce readers to Paula Wilson, marketing director at Xchanging, a DXC company. Wilson was recently named to the 2016 Women in FinTech Powerlist, a prestigious list published by Innovate Finance that celebrates the contributions of women in the development of the global FinTech sector. She is responsible for marketing Xchanging’s software business and business […]

Managing the complexity of digital transformations

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Looking back to many discussions about Digital Strategy with different organizations, most of them have the challenge of going through a balancing act day by day. Firstly, a Digital Oriented Organization needs to accept that the roles and responsibilities of business and IT will merge with each other, whilst both parties need to enable business […]