IoT in fuel cards: The potential of the connected fleet

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The self-driving car. What once seemed like a bit of folklore has come to life on the streets of American cities – and should soon be motoring people – and things – around the world. Tesla’s Elon Musk recently promised a new auto with the highest level of autonomy to be available to the public […]

3 potential disruptors to the fuel card industry

Scalable and evergreen. If you’re shopping for technology solutions to meet today’s business demands, those two words are likely near the top of your “want” list. And if they’re not, you might want to reconsider your priorities to include them. Scalability, of course, refers to the ability of a business to adapt over time, to […]

Balancing convenience with security in the fuel card industry

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Data security is a chief concern in nearly every industry today. Retailers sleep with one eye open, hoping to avoid the kind of breaches experienced by Target and TalkTalk. Healthcare organisations and financial services companies are constantly on guard against increasingly frequent hacking incidents. And no company wants to open itself up to kind of […]

How consumer demands are changing payment approaches

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Some would say “The world no longer runs on that little plastic card in your wallet; it’s the mobile device that you can’t leave home without today” Well, we are perhaps not there just yet, but the trend is clear. Mobile payments and the growing demand for the service are transforming business in nearly all […]