Digital disruption: Thrive on change

Digital disruption is 100 percent pervasive. There is no business, no service, no industry that will not be affected in some form. In other words, if you want to sustain your particular business/service/industry, you have to do your own digital transformation. Otherwise, there is a very high (if not probable) chance that you simply won’t […]

Future-proofing government IT


For many IT professionals, the most interesting and challenging non-functional requirement is to future-proof the solution. The industry mantra was to “built-to-last.” In reality, that’s a flawed philosophy. When you want to future-proof a solution, you make it “built-to-change.” In the new wave of digital transformation of enterprises, the philosophy “built-to-change” has enjoyed wide acceptance in […]

The exponential edge

Innovation CSC Blogs

What’s in an edge? What’s in a cutting edge? What’s in a bleeding edge? When I look at those phrases, I envision scary, almost violent images. Why do we use such words to indicate innovation and the positive act of leading through creativity? I think we use them to intimidate, to scare, especially those of us who are afraid of what might come, […]