Using AR and VR to hire workers


Augmented reality (AR) and, to a lesser extent, virtual reality (VR) already are being deployed in the workplace across a number of industries to help train employees, repair equipment, visualize models and designs, and improve business logistics. But AR and VR can do more than train employees who already are on the payroll or under […]

Can gamification contribute to effortless robotic process automation?


Robotics and automation have been covered in many articles, but robotics with some sort of game on top? That sounds new and refreshing – utopian, even. What could be better than blending work and games? I’m convinced – and hopefully you will be too by the end of this blog – that in addition to […]

The gamification of healthcare


This was a week where the potential of buying an Amazon book with Amazon voice enablement to read in the revolutionary new Amazon healthcare facility before buying Amazon prescriptions on the AWS cloud, and then getting dinner ingredients at Amazon Whole Foods became reality. As one who has had the opportunity to work with some […]