Seeing the Big Picture: Best Practices in Business Process Development

Life sciences companies have been outsourcing their publishing activities for many years now and gaining significant benefit from those outsourcing relationships. There are opportunities beyond publishing, however, and many companies are missing out on gaining real business process improvements because they aren’t tapping into best practices and innovative developments that can drive agility and harmonization. […]

Exploring cross-cultural aspects of collaborative innovation

Much has been written about how to inspire a culture of innovation within enterprises. But in an age of globalization, the term “corporate culture” carries a much more complex meaning, given the geographic and cultural diversity of collaborators. The terms begs a few questions: How can you build a culture of innovation across countries? Are there specific […]

Applying Cross-Cultural BRM Dimensions to Corporate IT

I’ve spent most of my professional life having not experienced “domestic” other than having the U.S. as my mailing address. The rest of my career was focused outside the country launching IT-related media operations around the world and teaching international enterprises how to market technologies in those countries without making embarrassing mistakes. Over the past […]