Seeking alternative treatments to tackle the opioid crisis

By George Mathew, MD Efforts to address the opioid crisis are manyfold. Prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), grant programs, the use of waiver programs, and the implementation of initiatives similar to patient-centered medical homes are all being used by states with varying degrees of success. These programs are, however, just the tip of the iceberg […]

Using waivers to tackle the opioid crisis: Opportunities and challenges

By George T. Mathew, M.D. The ongoing news about the opioid crisis has led to both the federal and state governments seeking ways to break what has become a national epidemic. Despite various programs to tackle the issue, deaths from opioids continue to rise, with more than 33,000 deaths in 2016, according to the National […]

Disrupting the healthcare status quo with digital engagement

By Rikin Patel Disruption is occurring across industries — from retail to entertainment, travel and healthcare. How each industry, as well as each organization, responds to disruptive influences will determine its success. Several disruptive technologies have the potential to reinvent, or at least reinvigorate, the way industries operate. Among these are: devices and sensors and […]