Pharmacists on the front line in the opioid crisis

By Beth Slamowitz Pharmacists, who are considered among the most accessible and trusted health professionals, can answer questions about reducing the risk of overdose, what to do in case of an overdose and where to seek help with addiction management services. Pharmacists are the gatekeepers for prescription painkillers and play a key role in preventing […]

States make progress on tackling the opioid crisis by using federal grants

By George T. Mathew, M.D. States have had a long history of trying to address the opioid epidemic. Today, with vital support from federal grants, many states are tapping into much-needed assistance to combat a crisis that has grown out of control. Some grant funding is focused on analytics, identifying areas of need, improving data […]

Battling the opioid epidemic with knowledge, commitment and advanced analytics

By George Mathew, MD and Rikin Patel The opioid epidemic in the United States is causing devastation. It is claiming lives, with a reported 20,145 deaths per year due to synthetic opioids other than Methadone (vs. 64,000 deaths per year from overdoses from all causes) by end of 2016. It is creating stress and strain […]

Will they or won’t they? What state Medicaid organizations need to do to address funding uncertainty

By George Mathew, MD and Rikin Patel There are probably few topics more newsworthy than Medicaid. It seems that every other day, lawmakers propose legislation that will affect how Medicaid is funded, managed and accessed. In this environment, state Medicaid commissioners must address some pressing challenges related to funding, managing a complex patient population, and […]