Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about DFARS compliance


Many of the questions around the new DFARS standards are related to compliance and what it means in practice. DXC will hold a webinar on Sept 19, 2017 to help answer many of these questions. In the meantime, this blog entry offers answers to some of most common questions our clients have asked. What does […]

Blah blah blockchain


Blockchain may be the hottest technology but it won’t change the world, at least not for government. The IT industry has been talking about blockchain in glowing terms for some time. Much of the excitement is driven by Bitcoin, an application that relies on blockchain to create digital currency particularly loved by hackers and other […]

Government executives: On being 21st century digital leaders


Every government executive I know serves an organization that is in a constant state of transformation. And they are all looking for journey-focused guidance on how to succeed.  I started this blog to open a dialog on their challenges. So let me begin by describing what I see as the most fundamental challenge. Most organizations (even in […]

La industria Cloud se prepara para la llegada de los drones al sector público

Te guste o no, los drones públicos están a punto de llegar. De hecho, la organización Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), dedicada a asegurar los entornos informáticos en la nube ha comenzado a trabajar con la iniciativa global sin ánimo de lucro, Securing Smart Cities, para establecer las normas que guiarán los futuros aviones no tripulados […]

Secteur public : les drones débarquent, les leaders du cloud se préparent

Que cela vous plaise ou non, les drones s’apprêtent à faire leur entrée dans le secteur public. La « Cloud Security Alliance » (CSA) s’est alliée à une initiative mondiale à but non lucratif, Securing Smart Cities, pour mettre en place les premiers éléments qui permettront le déploiement des drones dans le secteur public. Leur rapport, coécrit […]

Municipal drones are coming — and cloud leaders are getting prepared

Like it or hate it, government drones are coming to your block. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a leading organization dedicated to ensuring a secure cloud computing environment is working with Securing Smart Cities, a nonprofit global initiative focused on smart city cybersecurity, to set up drone guidelines. Their report, co-authored by the CSA Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Finding and building a safe place to fail

In a previous life, I spent many hours working with colleagues and consulting clients on baking risk-reward structures into compensation plans at every level in the enterprise. In essence, we built pay and bonus programs that not only encouraged, but incentivized taking risks and, in many cases, failing after. We found that even though the […]

Talking innovation with smart city pioneers

Centralized versus decentralized? Top down or bottom up? The search continues for the perfect form-factor for the most efficient and agile, smart and resilient city model. As with any enterprise, there will be no clear answer. Many factors have little to do with matrixes and everything to do with the personalities and skills sets of urban leadership. […]

The Civic Dimensions of Distributed Trust

Trust used to be such a simple concept until technology got involved. Most citizens know that trust and technology are inseparable every day when they type their PIN into an ATM or use their card key to enter their offices. But the concept of trust becomes even more complicated in the complex ecosystems of 21st […]

Ways smart cities derive data insight from mainstream apps

My friend John still waits in the incredibly long cash payment line at the MassPike toll booths because he’s under the illusion that he’ll remain anonymous on the state’s databases as opposed to if he had taken FastLane. I’ve asked him if he’s ever noticed the license plate camera in the cash lane, but for […]