How long does it take to hack an unsecured IoT device?

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Cyber hackers in September launched one of largest-ever DDoS attacks, using a network of connected devices. Most of these devices were CCTV cameras, but that’s not really relevant: What is relevant is that they were 1) connected to the Internet and 2) not secured. Given that research firm Gartner says an average of 5.5 million […]

Cyber extortion and IT hijacking for ransom

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Hijacking and ransom payments. They’re something typically associated with war zones, Somali pirates, criminal networks and Hollywood movies. But the digital transformation is bringing them closer to home in the growing threat of #ITnapping for ransom. Hijacking in information technology can take many forms. One is man-in-the-middle attacks in which attackers eavesdrop or alter communications between two parties. This very successful practice has allowed cyber criminals to reap […]

Breaking down the threat of cyber terrorism

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In April 2015, a hacking group called CyberCaliphate attacked Tv5 Monde, a French media outlet. The attack resulted in temporary control of the main website, social media accounts and interruption of 11 TV stations, crippling the company’s broadcast capabilities for hours. The group defaced the website and social media accounts by placing #Daesh propaganda on them (e.g. I am IS), […]

Keeping the Bots at Bay: The Changing Face of Cybersecurity in Life Sciences

Everything you knew about security no longer works, but everything you knew about security can – and does – still apply. That’s an unnerving concept, but it’s something no company – most certainly not life sciences companies – can afford to avoid. By Will Clark, Managing Associate Partner, Cybersecurity Let’s briefly review what we know […]

The 25 worst passwords of 2015: Did yours make the list?

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It seems everybody likes lists. But there’s no reason to like anything found in this “Worst Passwords List,” released January 19 by SplashData. This list is the 2015 version of the group’s annual compilation of poor password hygiene. The report is based on more than 2 million passwords leaked throughout the year. The passwords are predominately from users in North […]

Want good IoT security? It’s up to each and every one of us

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So you are driving down the highway at cruising speed and whoa! suddenly you lose control of your vehicle and have no way to regain command. Sounds like something out of one of the Die Hard movies. But that is what exactly happened when two veteran security researchers hijacked a technology reporter’s telematics system in […]

Why We Still Can’t Trust the Web

Startup security firm Menlo Security recently took a look at the top million websites, as ranked by Alexa, to determine what risk they may pose to the typical visitor. To make their determination, according to this CSO story, Menlo Security downloaded all of the website objects that anyone would download when surfing to a site: iFrames, […]

The Sony Hack and What It Means to You and Me

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I attended a few parties and I was asked by a few people what I thought of the “Sony Hack.”  This was refreshing, not only because I am usually asked to fix their computers, but also because it signaled to me that this may be a “tipping point” […]