How to realize the value of Hadoop


With every new technology, there comes a time when exploration and discovery are largely done, and the application must begin. Then comes the real test: can businesses or other institutions put the technology to work and gain value from it? Making that leap is, in part, a leap of faith. But it’s said faith makes […]

Cheat sheet: Best data ingestion tools for helping deliver analytic insights


Analytic insights have proven to be a strong driver of growth in business today, but the technologies and platforms used to develop these insights can be very complex and often require new skillsets. One of the initial steps in developing analytic insights is loading relevant data into your analytics platform. Many enterprises stand up an analytics […]

The business case for Hadoop technology

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The ongoing digitalization is causing branches and markets to change rapidly. Every company, small or large, is giving strategic thought to who customers are today and who the customers will be tomorrow, as well as who the competition is today and will be tomorrow. Often the competition is not from the direct market environment, but from a […]

Deriving business benefit from the data deluge in insurance

Insurance companies venturing into digital insurance encounter typhoon volumes of data, challenging even the most adept to gain any business value. How can we weather the storms of data? More importantly, how can we turn the storms into information that delivers more revenue or saves expenses? Historically, companies have established data stores and data warehouses […]

The scoop on Hadoop: Is it right for your enterprise?

The market for big data solutions and talent continues to grow as enterprises seek to leverage analytics programs that can help the business increase revenue, find new markets and reduce expenses. One of the first tools IT decision makers typically consider when researching big data and analytics platforms is Hadoop, the open source data storage […]

The Value of Data in Big Data Architectures

A new “V” for Big Data Big Data, an enabler for many next-generation use cases is defined with the 3 “V” s “Volume, Variety and Velocity” in the literature. These characteristics describe a new set of requirements for which every company has to develop a strategy.

The key to leveraging big data isn’t figuring out ‘how,’ but ‘why’

Enterprises of all sizes undoubtedly feel pressure to jump on the big data bandwagon, much as they did with BYOD and, more recently, the cloud. Which is not to suggest that any of these technologies are a gimmick being foisted on enterprise leaders making decisions based on fear. Far from it: Mobile devices, cloud computing […]

Cybersecurity: Big Opportunities for Big Data

What has Big Data been up to? Big Data has been a major topic in the IT realm for years. The terms Big Data and Big Data analytics are generally used to describe the potential for new insights into our environment by making sense of the rapidly increasing amount of information produced by the growing […]

Grow your own data scientists in 2015

Is there really a shortage of data scientists? The conventional wisdom — based primarily on a 2011 McKinsey Global Institute study — is that there aren’t enough trained analytics professionals to meet current demand, a situation that’s expected to persist through most of the decade. Many enterprise decision makers trying to build their own analytics team are […]