A mentally healthy workplace: The new leadership challenge

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IT industry leader Nick Mescher looks at changing attitudes to stress and mental health in the working environment – and provides some strategies. Some time ago, I was the executive sponsor of a cohort attending a leadership program within our organisation. The program was designed to provide skills and frameworks for our emerging talent to […]

Apps engage customers with breakthrough tech

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AI Technology is fast evolving – encroaching stealthily into our everyday lives with apps like Siri, Cortana and Google Now. Mr Andrew Dart of CSC, suggests insurers take advantage of this trend as it represents the next level in customer engagement.

With health apps, it’s all about you!

There are tens of thousands of health and wellness apps now available and they all claim to help you manage your health, or particular aspects of it, better than you could do without them. Can they all be successful? Well, depending on how they work, their user interfaces, and the types of people using them, […]