The key to optimizing payers’ analytics investments? Data integrity and harmonization

by George Mathew MD, Rikin Patel and Paul Thompson When the McKinsey Global Institute came out with its 2011 report, “Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity,” it predicted that if U.S. healthcare could use big data analytics to drive efficiency it could capture more than  $300 billion per year in new […]

What’s driving transformation in the health insurance industry?

The healthcare sector is being buffeted by forces it has little control over. That an industry is facing challenges is not new, and, after all, trials and tribulations have a wonderful way of forcing companies or entire sectors to modernise for the benefit of all. However, what goes on at the chrysalis stage is critical […]

The economic impact of digital transformation

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In the first part of this blog series, I wrote about how and why digital transformation should become a strategic priority for payers based on the emerging trends in the health insurance market. In this second part of my blog I will focus on the ways digital transformation impacts a payer’s economic and financial performance […]

“Digital” as a Strategic Priority for Healthcare Payers

We at CSC have been spending a good chunk of time formulating our healthcare payer strategy in recent months – and for a good reason. Developing the healthcare payer market has become a strategic priority. These conversations kept me asking myself the same question over and over again: How do you pitch “Digital” to payer […]

Disruption hits healthcare market

As the health insurance market undergoes disruption, progressive CIOs are using the opportunity for digital transformation. By Lisa Pettigrew, Industry General Manager, Healthcare Americas We have watched many industries suffer the significant disruption and disintermediation of new market forces and brash, young, well-funded upstarts who change the game. The casualties are all around us – […]

Major Economic Challenges Reshaping the U.S. Health Insurance Market

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This year’s America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute 2015 will take place one and a half years after more than 10 million Americans gained healthcare coverage for the first time. Among other things, delegates will certainly be focusing on how the healthcare insurance industry is beginning to assess this population, its health status and consumer […]