A mentally healthy workplace: The new leadership challenge

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IT industry leader Nick Mescher looks at changing attitudes to stress and mental health in the working environment – and provides some strategies. Some time ago, I was the executive sponsor of a cohort attending a leadership program within our organisation. The program was designed to provide skills and frameworks for our emerging talent to […]

Technology and the aging of medical practices


I know I’ve dated myself when I mention “Marcus Welby” and get a blank stare back. For those in the millennial demographic reading this article, let’s just say that Welby was the epitome of the family doctor on television in the 1970s. To many of us, when Dr. Welby retired at the end of the series, it […]

The importance of population health monitoring and stratification

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The heart of population health management is having a surveillance capability that recognizes patterns in patient data and care management characteristics and exposes impending high-risk clinical events, gaps in care coordination or non-compliance in patient situations. To manage population health effectively, an organization must be able to track and monitor the health of individual patients. […]

Keeping up with the shift to patient-centric care

Imagine a healthcare delivery model where patients lead and are in charge of their own care. How do patients and care providers collaborate to deliver optimum outcomes? Today, more patients are prepared to participate actively in their care and recovery, and they expect a seamless experience, delivered on their terms. The speed and scope of […]

The Journey to Better Patient Outcomes: Why a Service Delivery Approach to CCM Makes Clinical Sense

As physician practices start to familiarize themselves with the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program introduced last year by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a number of questions will spring to mind. Perhaps the most obvious are: How will I manage the additional workload and what will the infrastructure cost me, which were […]

Why the New Year pessimists have got it wrong

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After the excesses of the festive season, January is the traditional time for people to focus on health and the topic has certainly been hard to avoid either on social or traditional media these past few weeks. In the UK, around 32 percent of people planned to make a New Year resolution for 2016 and […]