Using AR and VR to hire workers


Augmented reality (AR) and, to a lesser extent, virtual reality (VR) already are being deployed in the workplace across a number of industries to help train employees, repair equipment, visualize models and designs, and improve business logistics. But AR and VR can do more than train employees who already are on the payroll or under […]

How AI can overcome human bias in hiring decisions


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are being used by enterprise human resources (HR) professionals to streamline the hiring process (as I wrote back in April). Not only can AI-powered virtual assistants “converse” with job applicants, they can schedule interviews for candidates who appear promising. While reducing time-to-hire can help organizations fill staffing needs more quickly […]

Recruiting new hires with Artificial Intelligence

The task of reaching, screening and selecting the right talent to fill the right position in the workplace intensifies each day for businesses around the globe. A recent report from the Society for Human Resource Management, found that companies spent, on average, $4,129 to hire someone and the process took an average of 42 days. […]

A glimmer of hope for people who hate job interviews

The most stressful part of any job search undoubtedly is the job interview. Not only must you be prepared to make a persuasive verbal case for your candidacy to a prospective employer, but you also must be ready to handle tricky or unexpected questions from a stranger or group of strangers assessing your every response, […]

4 personal brands CIOs need to invest in now

I’ve written often about the urgent necessity for CIOs to build a “brand called IT” in order to remain relevant in a world of shadow IT and Chief Digital Officers. Many of my suggestions have been related to CIOs upgrading their own personal brands to drive the departmental brand. While I agree that the CIO […]

IT Skills in Demand

One of the most popular CSC Town Halls we have ever had was on the topic of IT job skills. Perhaps more so than in any other industry, the skills that IT professionals need to be successful are always changing, always in need of updating to stay current with rapidly evolving technology. Or so one […]