Tackling the challenge of fragmented data in French healthcare

By Cécile Mico, Head of Business Development, Healthcare, DXC Technology, France; and Vincent Planat, Healthcare Architect and Technologist, DXC Technology, France Healthcare organizations face significant challenges as they tackle rising instances of chronic disease, a growing elderly population with comorbidities, and the urgent need to reduce costs. One way to reduce costs is to move […]

Behind the façade: Bringing interoperability and agility to legacy systems

By Chris Royle FHIRworks Series: The barriers for sharing documentation and data in healthcare are breaking down, helped by standardization, digital technologies and collaboration. In this blog series Chris Royle, Interoperability Specialist for DXC Healthcare, will focus on the use of HL7 FHIR in the real-world, and how it can be used to drive further […]